Oil Burner with stages of operation COB-2-15

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Oil Burner COB


Energy efficiency class
heating A G: A
Name. thermal power 80/60 ° C min / max kW: 9,2/14,7
Nom. thermal power 50/30 ° C min / max kW: 9,6 / 15,4
Exhaust gas / diameter of the air pipe (mm): 80/125
Height (mm): 1290 < Width (mm): 566
Depth (mm): 605
Weight kg: 92
CE-Identnummer / CE Code: CE-0085CT0160

2-stage oil condensing boiler pump with a nozzle. Combustion mode: pressurized spray Blue flame. Technology without oil preheating: extremely low energy consumption. Intelligently controlled by the Wolf WRS-2 control system. WOLF LINK HOME can be integrated. An additional differential pressure sensor is included. Annual energy efficiency of space heating up to 93%, degree of efficiency Ηi 105%. Optionally expandable with mechanical ventilation unit CWLT-300 and stratification storage tank with hot water TS-160 (COB-2-15 / 20/29). Extremely easy to transport. Easy operation and maintenance thanks to the "integrated workbench" and easy access from the front. Dimensions: only 0.34m2 floor space, without minimum lateral distances. Extremely quiet due to additional muffler in the flue: Sound power level according to ERP only 53 dB (A) (15 kW). Durable aluminum-silicon heat exchanger. Ceramic flame tube (burner nozzle). The condenser neutralization and lifting pump can be integrated to save space at the bottom of the boiler. Operation with standard EL fuel oil and low sulfur fuel oil (B10). Array capability (Cascadable): Up to 4 pieces mounting in a sequence of 160 KW. 100% compatible with WOLF COB